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Feb 13 2013:

We are proud to announce our live return with 2 shows in Alberta!!!

Friday April 19th 2013 in Edmonton @ The Pawn Shop

Tickets Available online or at BlackByrd Myoozik

Saturday April 20th 2013 in Calgary @ Dicken's Pub

Tickets in advance from Rattlehead Productions

New merchandice will be available at both of these shows... Cya out there!!!

Jan 24 2013:

Happy New Year!!! Rehearsals are going great and the first 2 shows have been booked! Announcements are coming soon... stay tuned.

Nov 10 2012:

We are proud to announce that original Disciples of Power bassist Chris Chapman featured on the classic album "Power Trap" has joined us to
finalize the reformed line-up! We are excited about his return to the fold! Rehearsals have been fierce and we look forward to bringing the power and the energy live to you all in early 2013.

We'll see you next year!!!

DOP Members

Thx to our good friend Monica Brzak for the photos!!!

Oct 13 2012:

Disciples of Power have officially reformed. Unfortunately, Hart Bachmier will not be joining us. We respect his decision and reasoning and continue on with his blessing. Hart will always be our metal brother and good friend. We wish him the best. In Dust we Trust bassist Andy Smith will also not be joining us, Cheers brother.

2013 will see the return of Canadian metal legends Disciples of Power. The band split up in 2002 after a 15 year history that had seen the band release
5 full length albums and perform numerous shows form 1988 to 2002. We respect the music, history and what it means to many of our fans. We are dedicated to bringing you the power, energy, dynamics and mind warp that is synonymous with Disciples of Power.

The new line-up consists of alumni members...
Wes Sontag: guitar, and Dean Relf: drums,

and new members...
Shane Hawco: vocals (who was a part of Section VIII with Wes and Dean and sang numerous shows for DOP back in 1995 - 97 before going on to join Thorazine, Exit Strategy and WAKE)
and Ben Harbak: guitar (currently from The Noumenon and formerly of Acantha and Begrime Exemious - he has been a huge DOP fan for may years and the music has helped shape him into the guitarist he is today),

We are currently auditioning like minded individuals to fill the bass position.

We dedicate future shows to our fans, the music, and everyone who believed in this band from day one. We will see you all in 2013!!!

Wes and Dean.

We understand that some individuals have taken liberties with the music and in some cases speaking on behalf of the band. They do not have any permission to represent Disciples of Power in any way shape or form. We are in the process of rectifying those issues, now you can obtain all official news, merchandise, and music form this site. More will be added to this official site in the future

Oct 8 2012:

The entire Disciples of Power discography is now streaming and available for digital download at our official bandcamp site. Unlike the albums on itunes all proceeds go directly to all members the band (past and present) who wrote the music.

Sept 21 2012:

We are auditioning Bass Players. If you are interested get a hold of us via facebook

Sept 11 2012:

DOP returns, full site and details to come...


Friday April 19th 2013:

The Pawn Shop
10551 82 Ave
Edmonton Alberta


Display of Decay

Tickets Available online
or at BlackByrd Myoozik

Saturday April 20th 2013:

Dickens Pub
1000 - 9th Ave SW
Calgary Alberta


Throne of Vengeance
Bloated Pig
Vile Insignia
Blackest Sin
Burning Effigy

Tickets in advance from
Rattlehead Productions


Power Trap - 1989
power trap

Ominous Prophecy - 1991
ominous prophecy

Invincible Enemy - 1993
invincible enemy

Mechanikill - 1996

In Dust We Trust - 2001
in dust we trust

Complete digital releases available at The Official D.O.P. bandcamp site